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Borneo Megadiverse Reef Set To Entice Further Eco-Tourism

A recent discovery of nearly 900 species in one
Borneo’s coral reef’s will boost eco-tourism to South-East Asia, says
tailor-made holiday specialist Selective Asia, which already witnessed
a 30% increase in bookings to Vietnam alone since 2009, and a surge
towards Cambodia & Laos. 

A team of scientists has announced that Borneo’s Semporna reefs may
be the most biologically diverse in the world. The group, which
included marine scientists from Malaysia, the USA and the Netherlands,
encountered nearly 900 species during their three week exploration.
The discovery is expected to make Malaysian Borneo even more
enticing to eco-tourists and diving enthusiasts. Borneo already offers
excellent diving, and its rainforest is renowned for being home to
indigenous tribes and an endangered orang-utan population.
Accommodation in these key ecological locations is necessarily limited,
according to tailor-made holiday specialist Selective Asia.
Selective Asia, which scooped both the 2010 Travel Press
Journalist’s Award for Best UK Travel Website and Travelmole’s Tour
Operator Website of the Year for 2009/10, says that the need to book
Borneo early is “as essential as ever”, and that latecomers are
frequently disappointed.
The company has witnessed significant growth in travel to South-East Asia
over the past year, with bookings to Vietnam alone increasing by 30% on
2009 and the growing popularity for travellers wishing to enjoy a holiday in Borneo.
They anticipate an ongoing surge in popularity for both Cambodia and
Laos, whose eco-minded policies and exciting developments continue to
impress the team.
Selective Asia’s small group of representatives travel extensively
and frequently within Asia. Their constant contact with its destination
countries generates up-to-date intelligence, which the company uses to
create unique experiences for independently-minded travellers.
Earnest proponents of responsible tourism, Selective Asia works with
locals and locally run businesses at every opportunity. Especially
where trips include interaction with minority groups – like the Dayak
tribes in Borneo – the company puts a great deal of effort into making
sure the entire community benefits from each interaction.
This personalised approach has proven popular, particularly amongst
couples keen to hand over responsibility for organising their
honeymoon, and take advantage of the company’s “wedding gift” facility,
which lets friends & relatives contribute to the adventure.
The Semporna discovery is exciting for scientists and travellers
alike, and provides yet another excellent reason for Malaysia to
promote conservation and responsible tourism above more destructive


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