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Cambodia says KRouge trial should preserve peace

Cambodia’s ruling party Friday called for a UN-backed war crimes court
to safeguard “hard-won peace” in its trial of top Khmer Rouge leaders,
as it marked the 32nd anniversary of the regime’s ouster.
Cambodia says KRouge trial should preserve peace
“The Cambodian People’s Party supports the trial… for crimes
committed by the most senior leaders” of the Khmer Rouge, Cambodian
People’s Party (CPP) president Chea Sim told a crowd of thousands of
He appealed for continued international support “so
that the trial process will be successfully completed on the basis of
safeguarding all national achievements, especially Cambodia’s hard-won
peace and stability.”
The trial of four top regime leaders is due
to start this year on charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity
and genocide after up to two million people were executed or were
starved or worked to death from 1975-1979.
The tribunal, dogged
by allegations of political interference, has yet to announce whether
it will go ahead with two more cases against five as-yet-unnamed former
Khmer Rouge cadres.
In its first case, the court in July
sentenced former Khmer Rouge prison chief Duch to 30 years in jail for
overseeing the deaths of 15,000 people.
But Cambodian Prime
Minister Hun Sen, deputy leader of the CPP, has repeatedly warned that
pursuing more suspects from the hardline communist regime could spark
civil war.
Hun Sen — once a mid-level Khmer Rouge member before
turning against the movement — told visiting United Nations chief Ban
Ki-moon in October that a third case was “not allowed” because it could
jeopardise peace.
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