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Vietnamese company in Ratanakiri confiscates land from Cambodian villagers

Tribal villagers in Ratanakiri province
have claimed that a Vietnamese company which received land concessions
from the Cambodian government has forcibly confiscated their lands by
building fences, marking the boundary of the land with colour spray and threatened villagers not to protest, saying the land belong to the company.

Koeun, a villager living in Sorm village in Soeng commune, said just
this week alone, representatives from the Vietnamese came 5 times to
demarcate the land which encroached on villagers’ land. But their
actions have not been approved by any Cambodian authorities, he said.
The villager said he doesn’t know the name of the Vietnamese company,
but said Vietnamese and Khmer employees of the company carried out the
works and threats which caused fears among the villagers. I saw the Vietnamese spraying the colour markers in the cashew farm because they wanted to confiscate the whole farm.
Our villagers will protest and fight to the death if they confiscated
our land. It’s the whole village, they wanted to take the whole
he said.

Mr. Rochom Vin, chief of Sorm
village, said the company came to the area without showing any
documentations from the Cambodian authority and started their works
around the village. He said he had reported the issue to the commune
authority, but up to date there is no action yet. The
villagers went to stop them and they said ‘if you dare to stop us, your
head will be broken’. The Vietnamese came 5 times and they destroyed
the whole village. They said all the land belong to them, so where can
the villagers live?”
, he said the company workers threatened the villagers.

At the time of this story going to air, representatives from the company cannot be reached for comments. However, Mr. Sok Pov, Deputy
governor of Bor Keo district, said his authority had forbidden the
company from carrying out any works in the village because it didn’t
have any documents to show that it was granted concessions in the area.
“The district authority asked them to go back to talk with the
provincial authority. The documents show that the company received land
concessions in Lumphat district, but why they come to carry out their
works in Bor Keo district? I won’t agree to this”,
he said.

Mr. Soy Sona, chief of Ratanakiri Department of Agriculture, said the Vietnamese company, written in Khmer as Alev Yonh Stock (spelling
check, name not written in English) has received 800 hectares in land
concessions in Lumphat district, but the concessions are still under
environmental impact studies and not allowed to develop yet.

Source: RFA
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