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Cambodian officials told to declare assets

Senior officials, including Prime Minister Hun Sen, will have to declare their assets
PHNOM PENH — Cambodia has ordered more than 100,000 government
officials to declare their personal assets starting from this month in
a bid to fight rampant corruption, an official said Wednesday.
officials, including Prime Minister Hun Sen, must make confidential
declarations of property, vehicles, business interests and other
assets, said Keo Remy, spokesman for the government’s National Council
for Anti-Corruption.
“It is historic for our country,” he told AFP.
Remy said the officials would be required to report their assets to the
country’s newly established Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU), but the details
would not be made public.
“The asset declaration by the officials will be done in secret,” he said.
“We have to safeguard each official’s physical and mental safety, and also the country’s political stability in particular.”
The deadline for the asset declaration had not been set, he said.
Yim Sovann, the spokesman for the opposition Sam Rainsy Party, slammed the process as pointless.
“Secret asset declaration means no asset declaration,” he said.
“So we don’t support this because it is useless,” Yim Sovann added.
move followed parliamentary approval of a long-awaited anti-corruption
law last year that could see officials jailed for up to 15 years if
convicted of accepting bribes.
Cambodia was ranked 154th worst
out of 178 countries on anti-graft organisation Transparency
International’s most recent corruption perception index.
It was
also ranked the second most corrupt southeast Asian nation after
Indonesia in an annual poll by the Political and Economic Risk
Consultancy last year.
Source: AFP
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