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SRP MP visited Prey Sar, but Seng Kunakar declined to meet them

By Ly Hov
Cambodia Express News
Translated from Khmer by Soch

Phnom Penh – In the morning of Friday
31 December 2010, 3 SRP MPs – Ho Vann, Yim Sovann and Kong Bora –
visited Prey Sar jail with the intention of seeing a WFP employee jailed
there, however, the man refused to meet the SRP MPs.
Following their exit from the
prison, SRP MP Ho Van told reporters that the SRP MPs received the
authorization to visit Prey Sar jail, in the Phnom Penh suburb, this
morning. However, he does not know why the WFP employee refused to meet
Seng Kunakar, the WFP employee,
was arrested by the police on 18 December 2010 because he printed an
article from KI-Media criticizing the government leaders in the border
problem. On Sunday 20 December 2010, the Phnom Penh municipal court held
a hearing to sentence Seng Kunakar to 6 months of jail time and fined
him 1 million riels ($250) per the stipulation of Article 495 of the new
penal code.
During the hearing, Seng Kunakar
indicated that he is not involved in any political group, and he only
printed that KI-Media article for reading as information only.
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