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Big Developments to Watch for and the Challenges Facing the Major Players

Associated Press

The PlayBook, a new QNXbased tablet from Research In Motion.
Microsoft: The software giant still
generates strong consumer loyalty with its older products, like Windows
and Office and Xbox, all of which have had updates in the past year or
two. But it faces big challenges in two hot areas: smart phones and
tablets. Its new Windows Phone 7 platform has some nice design features,
but also some missing capabilities that need to be addressed. Initial
sales seem respectable, but will have to accelerate to get Microsoft
back in a game it once led. The company also is a long way from the
300,000 apps available for the iPhone or the 100,000 for Android.
In tablets, Microsoft is hinting that a new version of Windows is
being designed with a tablet focus to complement its PC focus. That
product can’t be too late, given the rapid rise of the iPad and the many
planned Android and other tablets for 2011. One golden opportunity
Microsoft has is to expand the reach of its brilliant Kinect technology
for games to other forms of computing. This system can recognize
individual users and interpret gestures without the use of a controller
Meanwhile, Microsoft hopes to seize on a surge in concern about
privacy to help keep its diminishing lead in browsers by building new
privacy features, unavailable so far in other browsers, into the 2011
version of Internet Explorer.
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