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Govt ‘sincere’ to resolve the Preah VIhear dispute

is “ sincere” about resolving the Preah Vihear Temple dispute with
Cambodia, said Atavit Suwannapakdee, deputy spokesperson of the ruling
Democrat Party, brushing aside recent reports from Cambodia to the

Preah Vihear Khmer

Atavit said yesterday that currently the Constitution Court
is considering whether the Joint Border Committee (JBC) report must be
approved by Parliament or not, as might be required under Article 190
of the current charter.

“ To claim
that Thailand is insincere in addressing the border dispute peacefully
… is not fair to the government. We hope it will be understood that the
government is sincere in trying to arrive at a peaceful accord,” said
Meanwhile, Democrat Party spokesperson
Buranaj Smutharaks said the prime minister had set up a working
committee to evaluate the government’s efforts in solving the Preah
Vihear dispute.
The party has produced a 63-page report that will help shed light on the issue. The document, which includes questions and answers
on relevant issues, will also be produced in CD form and posted online
so people will understand the government’s efforts in protecting the
national interest.
Asked by reporters if all this was being done to please the People’s Alliance for Democracy(PAD),
who will be staging a protest on the government’s performance on the
issue in January, Buranaj said it was being done to help the PAD understand the government’s way of defending the national interest.
Regarding the JBC, Atavit, who is among the reviewers of the committee’s work, said he hopes the PAD will better understand the government’s position.
In a related development,
ASTV-Manager Daily online cited a group called “ 15 Move” as stating
that a Cambodian parliamentarian, Ngun Nhel, had informed a Thai
lawmaker on Thursday that Cambodia wants the Thai Parliament to approve
the JBC agreement in order to put to rest the dispute, and for peace
and friendship between the two nations.
The report stated that the Thai Parliament could not give the green light due to internal political conflicts.
A summary of 33 questions and answers pertaining to the Thai-Cambodian border dispute was posted on PM Abhisit Vejjajiva’s Facebook yesterday. The notes posted with Abhisit’s approval, include the answers to the questions from the yellow shirt
PAD. The notes also said the government was firm on protecting the
country’s sovereignty and rights. It would not accept the French map
drawn to 1:200000 scale, nor change its stance in exchange for other interests.
The notes received hundreds of comments within a few hours.
 The Nation


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