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Cambodia trek was a humbling experience

Published on Fri Dec 24 08:00:00 GMT 2010

Shirley Butler
 A 76-YEAR-OLD grandma who trekked through Cambodia for charity said it was an ‘extraordinary, humbling experience’.
Butler, from Nethergreen, Eastwood, said her trip made her realise how
lucky she was to live in England where everyday things were taken for
She said: “I am very humble. I didn’t realise how well off we were in this country.
“The people are so happy out there and they have got nothing. But they’re so happy with their lot.
they wanted to eat that night they had to go out and catch a fish or a
snake. It just brings it home to you. We’ve go these supermarkets on
our doorsteps and we don’t think anything of it.”
Shirley, who
has now been on ten treks for the charity SCOPE, said Cambodia was
particularly interesting because she lived in a village for four days
with the locals.
“You get a real feel for their lifestyle,” she said.
intrepid hiker, who raised over £3,000, helped re-build stilt houses
blown up by land mines and climbed Siem Reap during her stay.
keeps threatening to hang up her boots, but says since returning from
Cambodia she is once again determined to plan another trip. She is now
looking into a project to help build a house in Brazil in 2013.
“I’m just hoping I’ll be fit and strong enough to take part,” she said.
has raised over £25,000 for SCOPE over the last 11 years. Her
adventures have included trekking through Africa, Vietnam and Venezuela
and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.
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