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SRP to send border reports to government

More than Vietnamese policemen entered 100 metres deep inside Cambodian territory to block Mr. Son Chhay (with glasses) from visiting border post No. 103.

By Khmerization

Source: RFA

The opposition Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) is compiling a report about border encroachments by Vietnam which caused a number of Cambodian farmers to lose their lands due to border demarcation in Memot district in Kampong Cham province.

Son Chhay, a senior MP from the SRP, told RFA on Tuesday 21st December
that the SRP will send reports to top government institutions to
explain about the loss of Cambodianterritory caused by the border demarcations. “The
report that we are compiling will be completed in the next 3-4 days and
will be sent to the technical experts to compare the coordinates in our
GPS and the map coordinates. So, we need about a week to complete the
report and we will send it to the government, the parliament, the king
and the Senate. We will put forward specific questions
officially stating about the loss of our territory”, he said.

He added that according to technical survey to the spots
and in accordance with the information from the locals, the SRP
concluded that Cambodia has loss land due to demarcations, which is
contrary to the government claims which said Cambodia has not lost any
land as a result of the border demarcations.

Mr. Son Chhay requested the Cambodian government to use its sovereign rights as an independent nation to protest against the Vietnamese encroachments, against the Vietnamese army/police who crossed into Cambodian territory to stop Cambodian members of parliament from inspecting the border posts on 14th December, 2010.
“This is the difficulty that we have encountered. We believe that it is
the government responsibility which is a representative of anation . If
the government does not take action in accordance with the evidence we
have shown, it must face the wrath of the (Cambodian) public”,
he said.

On 14th December, about 18 SRP MPs visited a number of border post. However, when they attempted to visit border post No. 103, about 10 Vietnamese soldiers and police entered about 100 metres into Cambodian territory to stop them from reaching border post No. 103.

Nguyen Hong Thao, Deputy
Chairman of Vietnam border Committee, during a press conference to
announce the result of a bidding to draw topographic maps of the
Cambodian-Vietnamese borders, said that thespots where the Cambodian
MPs visited on 14th December have been put under the control of Vietnam
under the agreement between the two countries. “Evidently, at present
the areas visited by the Cambodian parliamentary delegation are under
the control of Vietnam if we based on the joint communique in 1995
signed by the prime ministers of both Vietnam and Cambodia”,
he said.

Var Kimhong, chairman of Cambodian Border Committee, agreed with Mr.
Nguyen’s interpretation because he said the Cambodian MPs had reached
Sotey Pass which has a distance of 100 metres from border post No. 103
which used to be controlled by Vietnam.

Mr. Son Chhay said he
does not want to engage in a war of words with Mr. Nguyen and Mr. Var
Kimhong, but asked them to show evidence and provide a written

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