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Koh Pich footage crackdown

The cover of a VCD depicting scenes from last month’s deadly stampede
on Diamond Island. Officials have pledged to crack down on the sale of
footage of the tragic incident. Photo by: Sovan Philong
Authorities have started confiscating the sale of VCDs containing
footage filmed during last month’s stampede on Diamond Island bridge,
which left 353 dead and 393 injured.

Thai Noraksathya, secretary
of state at the Ministry of Culture, said that a working group of
ministry and police officials had last week confiscated 100 VCDs from
vendors in Kandal Market, as well as 77 discs from vendors in Koh Kong

The film features about an hour of footage cobbled
together from local and international broadcasts of the tragic incident
and its aftermath, including scenes of the rescue efforts, relatives
searching for loved ones and a mourning ceremony attended by Prime
Minister Hun Sen.

“It is illegal selling and it affects the
viewers’ feelings when they watch it,” Thai Naraksatya said, though he
added that vendors would not have to be “punished or fined” for selling
the VCDs.

He said the films were also being sold in DVD and CD format across Cambodia, as well as in the United States.

Chito, director of the Ministry of Interior’s criminal police, said
officials planned to crack down on the sale of illegal Koh Pich films

Puthi Ngob, the deputy police chief in Oddar
Meanchey province, said police had confiscated 254 such VCDs from local
vendors since receiving an order from national police officials on
Thursday last week.

“We will burn them all if we get an order to
burn them from the high-level officers,” he said. He added that the
offending vendors had agreed to stop selling the films, and that those
breaking their promise “will get punished”.

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