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Cambodia’s rampaging elephant sent to zoo

Residents in Mon Village in Kampong Speu province attempt to divert a
rampaging elephant named Sambo, who killed its owner last week and has
continued to terrorize the area. Photo by: Adam Miller

Phnom Penh – An elephant that was captured in
southern Cambodia after terrorizing a village has been sent to a zoo
for ‘re-education’ and may be mated with a female, local media reported

The bull elephant, known as Sambo, was tranquilized on Wednesday after
stomping its owner to death and running amok in the village last week,
trampling crops and harassing residents.

Locals responded by
attacking the beast with sticks, knives and fireworks before the
Cambodian Forestry Administration subdued it.

Cheng Kimsun,
director of the Forestry Administration, told the Phnom Penh Post
newspaper that the government had decided not to euthanize the
pugnacious pachyderm.

‘Sambo is not crazy, but he has lived a
very stressful life because he had been mistreated for so many years,’
Cheng Kimsun said. ‘He was chained down, he could not go anywhere and
he also had no wife – he needs his freedom.’

Nhek Ratanapich,
the director of Cambodia’s Phnom Tamao zoo, told the Post that zoo
officials hope to pair Sambo with a similarly aggressive female
elephant called Srey Pao.

‘I hope that after Sambo stays with
Srey Pao he will be happy, his stress will be released and his mental
condition will improve in the future, and finally, he can be a nice
elephant again,’ Nhek Ratanapich said.

Other experts cautioned that Sambo may not yet be ready to rejoin fellow elephants after his rampage.

‘Integrating him with other elephants is very important, but from what
I have observed from this elephant, putting him in contact with other
elephants is not advised at the moment,’ said Jack Highwood, the head
of an elephant sanctuary in Cambodia’s Mondulkiri province.

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