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Cambodian living in the US reacts to KI-Media’s insult on Government Learders as Nation Traitor

One Cambodian living in Philadelphia,
USA, reacted violently against the publication posted on the KI-Media
website insulting the leaders of the royal government of Cambodia (RGC).

After a website by the name
KI-Media posted an article insulting the RGC leaders, strong reactions
came from the government officials as well as the public which
considered this website as publishing inciting news that have no truth.
Tith Sothea, government advisor
and mouthpiece of the Press and Quick Reaction Unit, said in the
afternoon of 16 Dec 2010, that he regrets very much the baseless
accusation made by the KI-Media website and he said that this
publication serves the interest of the opposition party.

Kim Hong, the chairman of the government border committee, told
Kampuchea Thmei that he has no measure to take against this KI-Media
website yet, a website that insults the government leaders. [As he is
incapable of making any decision, he said that] he will defer to the
Council of Ministers to take measures against KI-Media.

Kanharith, the minister of Information and mouthpiece of the
government, used to say that this website always insults the RGC
leaders, and he said that this is the opposition party’s custom.

the same time, on 16 Dec 2010, the Kampuchea Thmei office received an
article from Chan Sarith who lives in Philadelphia, USA. He indicated
that he has lost his well-being after he saw the KI-Media website
insulting the RGC leaders, including the 3 samdach-traitors, as well as
sVar Kim Hong, calling them traitors of the nation. These words made
his heart unwell, but he does not know what to do to smash and destroy
this website [KI-Media note: Chan Sarith can smash his computer screen for displaying the KI-Media website, could that work?]
or to sternly warn these people [at KI-Media] because he is only an
ordinary citizen, so his only recourse is for the government leaders to
take measures against these KI-Media people.

Sarith said in his letter to us: “I am puzzled about these KI-Media
people, they never develop the country at all, they only incite Khmer
people both inside and outside the country to fight against each other
nonstop [KI-Media Note: Thank you Chan Sarith, we, at KI-Media, did not know we are so powerful]. As an expatriate, I never forget my gratefulness toward the Cambodian leader, not even one second [KI-Media Note:
Now, you are lying Chan Sarith, we know that when you sleep and dream
about something else, you did forget your gratefulness, didn’t you?
even if I live overseas. As for the opposition people who came to flock
overseas, they did not succeed, i.e. not many people support them at
all because each Cambodian sees the daily development in Cambodia
through TV and on radio.”

should be noted that, recently, the KI-Media website posted articles
and photos of the RGC leaders and it insulted them copiously. There are
laws that deal with these publishers.

this website never publishes any article for the development of the
nation, but it only raises article written by extremists who fled the
country to insult the RGC leaders and they are not worth being
reporters at all [KI-Media Note: Did we ever claim we were reporters?].

source indicated that this website is based in Australia, France and
the USA, and the person who receives information for it bears the name
of Morn Proeuk [KI-Media Note: Who is this person? We would like to know him also].
This website can receive information from all over the place and the
information are critical of the RGC, but they never publish any
information that praises the RGC leaders at all.
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