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A war of words on Cambodian-Vietnamese border issues

By Khmerization
Source: CEN

A senior official from the Council of Ministers’ Press
and Quick Reaction Unit has on Thursday dismissed the allegations by
the opposition Sam Rainsy Party and the Cambodian Watchdog Council
which said that a number of border posts along the Cambodian-Vietnamese borders were planted inside Cambodian territory.

A delegation of the Cambodian Watchdog Council led by Mr. Rong Chhun alleged that on their visit to the border posts in Memot district in Kampong Cham province on 5th December, they have witnessed a number of border posts, including post Nos. 108 and 109, have been planted at least 200 metres deep inside Khmer territory.
And 18 MPs from Sam Rainsy Party, who visited the area on 14th
December, also said that many border posts in the area were planted
inside Khmerterritory. They claimed that many V ietnamese police had entered Cambodian territory to stop them from visiting border post no. 103.

Mr. Tith Sothea (pictured), spokesman for the Press and Quick Reaction Unit, said the reason the Vietnamese police entered Cambodian territory
to stop the opposition MPs from reaching border post No. 103 was
because they were afraid that those MPs might uproot the border post.
He said in the the past, MPs from the opposition party, including party
leader Sam Rainsy, had uprooted border post No 184 in Chantreadistrict in Svay province
on 25th October 2009 of which Mr. Sam Rainsy was sentenced in absentia
to 12 years imprisonment. He said the opposition MPs and Mr. Rong Chhun
have no expertise on border affairs and therefore their visits were
just populist actions for political gains.

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