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Viet troops banned opposition MP from visiting border [from inside Cambodia] (Updated)

By Uon Chhin
Radio Free Asia
Translated from Khmer by Soy
Click here to read the article in Khmer

Viet troops
prevented a group of SRP MPs from visiting the location for a border
post in Memot district, Kampong Cham province, on 14 Dec 2010 (Photo:
Uon Chhin, RFA)
On 14 Dec 2010, Vietnamese border
troops banned a group of about 18 opposition SRP MPs and other party
officials – right inside Cambodian territories – from visiting the
location where stakes are installed for a border post delimiting
Cambodia and Vietnam in Memot district, Kampong Cham province.
The ban took place between the
border inspection post in Daun Roath and border post 103 located in
Daun Roath village, Roung commune, Memot district, and the scuffle
lasted about 30 minutes.
SRP MP Son Chhay indicated that
the ban by the Viets show that Vietnam encroached on Cambodian
territories because its troops came to prevent Cambodian MPs and
officials right inside Cambodian territories.
Son Chhay added: “If
the Viet side has secret for them to prevent our delegation from taking
a look just at these border stakes, then it creates even more
suspicions as to whether what the secret is for them to ban us from
seeing these stakes?
Nevertheless, Hun
Neng [Hun Sen’s brother], the Kampong Cham provincial governor, claimed
that the Viet issued this ban because the SRP MPs entered the Viet
territories and these MPs and officials do not know the geography of
this area
Prior to going to look at
border post 103 in Roung commune, the SRP MPs and officials visited
border post 108 and 109 located in Dar commune, Memot district. There,
MP Son Chhay declared that 14 Cambodian villages in Memot district were lost from the border post planting based on the map used by the Memot district authority and direct interviews with local officials and villagers.
Mrs. Yem Muon, a villager from
Dar commune, indicated that she lost 1.5 hectare of her land: “Now that
I lost my land, I don’t know what land [to earn my living], I lost everything brothers and sisters! This is the second time already.
Last year they already took 8-hectare of my land, now they came and
took my [leftover] land for the second time, I lost everything, what
land can I use to earn a living?”
Mrs. Som Phy who lives in Daun
Roath village, Roung commune, indicated that she lost about 1.5-hectare
of her land and that, right now, Viet villagers are cultivating on her
land: “The rice field you can see there, the one next to that forest,
that’s my rice field, yes! The Yuons took everything,
this is the land I have left right now, this is it! This is the rice
field I’ve got now! Next to the pagoda fence. This I tell you, nephews
and nieces, this is all I have left!”
From France, Mr. Sean Pengse,
President of the Cambodia’s Border Committee (CBC), said that the
Cambodian government should not ignore the lost of rice fields by local
farmers due to these border post plantings. He added: “The villagers
are complaining that the Yuons encroached inside Cambodia, this is true
from what I know, it’s not just 2-3 hectares at all. In some areas,
such as Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri, the Yuons encroached close to 15-km
inside our territories.”
Mr. Sean Pengse added that, to
preserve Cambodia’s territorial integrity, he asks the Cambodian
government to respect the Paris Peace Accords (PPA) on Cambodia, as
well as the Cambodian Constitution. Furthermore, the PPA stipulates
that all treaties that affect Cambodia’s territorial integrity must be
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