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Ranariddh accused Var Kimhong of lying to ex-King Sihanouk on border issues

Prince Ranariddh at a press conference on Tuesday at his Phnom Penh residence.
By Khmerization
Source: RFA

Prince Norodom Ranariddh, who had just made a controversial political comeback, has on Tuesday weighed into a border debate by launching a scathing attack on Cambodian Border Commissioner Var Kimhong whom he accused of lying to ex-King Sihanouk on border issues with Vietnam.

Prince Ranariddh’s attack on Mr. Var Kimhong came on the day a group of opposition MPs accused Vietnamese police of entering 100 metres into Cambodian territory to stop them from visiting a newly-installed border post.

Prince Ranariddh said the rejuvenated Norodom Ranariddh Party will do everything to protect
Cambodian territorial integrity and regrets that Mr. Var Kimhong had
shown the wrong maps to ex-King Sihanouk who was the president of the Supreme Council of Border Affairs in 2005. He had also appealed to Vietnam to respect Cambodia’s borders. “But I ask Vietnam to respect the present Cambodian borders
in accordance with the UTM 1/100,000 maps produced by Service de’Lang
Grafic de’Lang Ducum that we already had. Why should we negotiate with
Vietnam again, why don’t we used those maps as our base because they
were recognised by Vietnam and the Viet Cong. But, unfortunately, the
king (Sihanouk) signed (the agreement) because Mr. Var Kimhong cheated
(lied to) him when he said these are maps from the Sangkum Reastr Niyum
era, but in fact they were not maps from the Sangkum Reastr Niyum era”,
the prince said.

to Prince Ranariddh’s accusation, Mr. Var Kimhong said the prince’s
accusation is wrong, saying that the maps he shown to the ex-King
Sihanouk were the official maps that were deposited at the UN by the
royal government of the then Prince Sihanouk in 1965. “Furthermore,
in his (Ranariddh’s) capacity as the president of the Funcinpec Party,
which was a party that formed a coalition with the Cambodian People’s
Party, we all went together to report to him (Ranariddh). We even went
to report to him at the Funcinpec headquarter and he totally agreed
with us. He agreed with what we have used as our base. Furthermore,
what he had just said was wrong, he said we used UTM 1/10,000 scale
maps, but infact we have used UTM 1/50,000 scale maps drawn by the U.S
said Var Kimhong.

Mr. Sean Pengse, chairman of Cambodian Border
Committee based in France said the French maps made during the colonial
era were the best and accurate maps. But he said due to the 1985 treaty
signed by Vietnam and the Hun Sen regime, all maps have to be redrawn,
which were done under the influence of Vietnam.

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