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Government officials attack KI-Media for looking down on leaders

15 Dec 2010
By Son Sopheak
Translated from Khmer by KI-Media


Phnom Penh – Government officials
violently attack the English-language website KI-Media which posted the
pictures of the three Cambodian leaders and senior minister sVar Jim
Hong and calling them “Chief traitors who sell the land to the Yuons”.
The attacking government official considers this website as a servant
of the SRP opposition party and it wants to destroy the nation.
The government advisor and
spokesman of the Press and Quick Reaction Unit (PQRU) of the Council of
Ministers considers this website as a total exaggeration, and that it
wants to destroy the peace that Cambodia now enjoys under the
leadership of the current government leaders.
Tith Sothea indicated: “I
regret very much that there is such dumb and baseless accusation by
KI-Media, a website that serves the opposition Sam Rainsy Party, it
uses words to look down on the 3 leaders of Cambodia, as well as senior
minister sVar Kim Hong also.”

Sothea stressed: “This is exaggerated information from them who have
such attitudes against the current government leaders, and I believe
that the accusation against the Cambodian leaders as being traitors who
sell land to the foreigners is not true at all. The Cambodian people
will condemn them as being the destroyer of peace in Cambodia.”

violent reaction from the Cambodian government stooge above came after
the website KI-Media posted a picture of Hun Xen, Heng Xamrin, Chea Xim
and sVar Kim Hong bearing the title in Khmer and English: “The chief
traitors who sell land to the Yuons”. Tith Sothea considers this
website and this group of people as outlaws with the intention of
inciting and creating havocs to poison the atmosphere in the society.

Sothea praised the struggle and the determination – even at the cost of
their life – to get away from the Pol Pot regime, and the moving
forward of the Cambodian ship toward development and peace all over the
country [by the current leaders], saying that this is the truth that
history will never forget.

Sothea said that the current government is legally putting into
application the Cambodian Constitution by respecting and defending the
territorial integrity, preventing any aggression from enemies and,
furthermore, the current royal government is continuing to pursue the
planting of border posts with neighboring countries.

Sothea called the action taken by opposition KI-Media group as an act
of revenge when it lost the election, but a huge number of Cambodians
are providing fair and reasonable assessment of the current Cambodian

should be noted that the critical publication by KI-Media came only one
day after 18 SRP MPs traveled to visit border posts in Dar commune,
Memot district, Kampong cham province on Tuesday. During their visit,
they were banned from doing so by Viet cops.

number of political observers in Cambodia are of the opinion that this
new action by the opposition will close the possibility of their exiled
leader to return back to Cambodia after the Phnom Penh and the Svay
Rieng [kangaroo] courts sentenced him in absentia to 12-year of jail
time for this border issue.

general, it is observed that the website KI-Media usually attacks the
current government leaders through articles and pictures, but such
publication cannot prevent the true support of the entire Cambodian
population to the current leaders at all.
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