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Ranariddh under fire

Phnom Penh Post
Monday, 13 December 2010 20:19
Meas Sokchea 

Kem Sokha, the president of the opposition Human Rights Party, has said
he will not ally himself with returned royalist leader and former party
colleague Prince Norodom Ranariddh, questioning the extent of his
political independence.
Speaking to reporters at the HRP’s Phnom Penh headquarters, he
called on the prince to clarify his political stance towards the ruling
Cambodian People’s Party, with which Ranariddh has said he will seek a
coalition deal.
“So long as the prince does not clearly show his stance, whether he
is on the side of the democrats or on the side of the absolute
communists … we will not open negotiations to merge with NRP,” Kem
Sokha said.
Ranariddh formally announced his return to political life on
Saturday, at the head of the newly renamed Norodom Ranariddh Party. He
has called for the formation of a reunified royalist party – to be
known as Funcinpec 81 – and expressed his interest in entering into a
coalition with the CPP following the 2013 national election.
The prince, who led Funcinpec to victory in the United
Nations-backed 1993 elections, was kicked out of the party in 2006 in
connection with accusations of embezzlement and retired from politics
two years later.
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