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The NRP-Funcinpec tragicomedy saga; Kem Sokha’s denial

13 Dec 2010
Translated from Khmer by Soch

Clarification on Krom Preah Ranariddh’s issue

The Funcinpec party issued a
clarification statement on 12 Dec 2010 on the report that Keo Puth
Reaksmey, Funcinpec party president, received a letter from Krom Preah
regarding the union of the royalist parties, and that he agreed to let
Krom Preah become the leader of the new royalist party. In this
statement, the Funcinpec spokesman indicated that Keo Puth Reaksmey did
not receive any document on the merger with Krom Preah yet as of now.
However, Keo Puth Reaksmey used to tell Krom Preah during their
unofficial meeting that, if there is any request that is agreeable for
the future of the country, he [Keo Puth Reaksmey] will accept it and
submit it for discussion by Funcinpec party leaders.
No party name change as requested by Krom Preah
Source from a Funcinpec
official indicated on Monday that the Funcinpec party will not change
its name to Funcinpec 81 as requested by Krom Preah Norodom Ranariddh.
This Funcinpec official indicated that Keo Puth Reaksmey, the current
Funcinpec party president, denied that he met with Krom Preah to
discuss the party name change. This official indicated also that
Funcinpec cannot change its name because this party was formed by
Norodom Sihanouk.
Kem Sokha asks Krom Preah to show clear position
HRP press conference on Monday (Photo: CEN)
Kem Sokha, Human Rights Party president, called on Krom Preah to show
his clear position as to whether he stands on the side of the
nationalist democrats or on the side of the communists who are lackey
of the foreigners. Kem Sokha reacted this way after Krom Preah told Hun
Xen that he cannot ally with the Sam Rainsy Party because the latter
cannot move forward [KI-Media note: in fact, Soy Sopheap reported that
Kem Sokha allegedly claimed that he cannot ally himself with the SRP
because he thinks that the SRP cannot move forward.] During a press
conference held on Monday morning, Kem Sokha denied the prince’s claim
that the prince discussed with him to forge an alliance. Kem Sokha said
that the HRP has a unification strategy with the SRP, and it hopes that
this alliance could be formed prior to the 2013 election.

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