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Traffic deaths up on last year

A man crawls down from a smashed-up truck following a multi-car accident on Monivong Boulevard in Phnom Penh in April. Photo by: Sovan Philong
TRAFFIC accidents killed more than 100
people in Cambodia last month, a 19 percent rise from November of last
year, a government statement said yesterday.

At least 131 people
died as a result of traffic accidents last month, up from 110 people in
the same month last year, according to Him Yan, director of the
Interior Ministry’s department of public order.

The number of accidents also increased from 425 in November last year to 494 last month, he said.

Yan said that the majority of accidents were caused by the carelessness
of drivers and their failure to obey traffic laws, and in particular,
drivers’ propensity to drive too fast.

“Ninety percent of the traffic accidents are caused by human errors. They are [the result of] negligence,” he said.

“Increasing traffic has also trigged more accidents”, he said.

Yan added that traffic from the large holiday crowds, particularly for
this year’s Water Festival, which drew an estimated 3 million people to
Phnom Penh, also played a role in this year’s spike in accidents.

Socheata, road safety programme manager at Handicap International
Belgium, said respect for traffic laws in Cambodia remains limited.

She said that a significant number of accidents are alcohol-related.

speeding, another cause [of traffic accidents] is driving under the
influence of alcohol, [responsible for] between 15 and 20 percent” of
accidents, she said.

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