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Rong Chhun’s delegation reaches border post no. 109


05 December 2010
By Sopheak
Cambodia Express News
Translated from Khmer by M’riel M’riel

Rong Chhun (Photo: The Free Press Magazine)

Phnom Penh – Mr. Rong Chhun and his
delegation of about 20 people from the Cambodian Watchdog Council
(CWC), as well as reporters, has reached border post no. 109 at noon on
05 December 2010.
The goal of the CWC delegation
led by Rong Chhun is to visit border post no. 109 located at Damrey
Phong area, Da Kandal village, Da commune, Memot district, Kampong Cham
province. The visit was made after more than 200 local villagers
complained that the planting of this border post led to the loss of
their lands.
Today, the villagers still
complain that the planting of this border post encroached about
200-meter into their village. Rong Chhun claimed that he will report
this issue to the government to obtain a resolution. However, sVar Kim
Hong, the chairman of the government border committee, claimed that
border post no. 109 did not lead to any land loss as the villagers

Kim Hong indicated that the planting of border post no. 109 was done
with the participation of the local authority, as well as by the local
villagers. He accused the opposition of inciting the villagers to make
this protest.

Chhun’s delegation safely reached border post no. 109, even though sVar
Kim Hong warned beforehand that the cops will prevent them from
reaching this area. This morning, the local cops stopped the delegation
for questioning there as well, but there was no major confrontation.
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