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Jennifer Denman: 10 Reasons I love Cambodia!

Jennifer Denman


1.  The Khumer Coiff…these Cambodian men have quite the head of hair!! Thick, black, and cut in stylish angles and lengths. balding is not a problem here.
2.  Drinks in a bag! If
you don’t have time to sit and drink your coke or coffee, don’t
worry! They will double bag it up with ice securely banded with a
convenient straw sticking out the top. You’re good to go!
3.  Pink toilet paper…apparently pink is the fad color here. Cars, helmets, clothing, and even toilet paper don this popular color. 
4.  Pajamas
in public! We are not really sure what time exactly it becomes ok to
change into pajamas…but all we do know is that when we go to class at
3 there aren’t too many out and about, but when we leave at 5, women
everywhere are sporting their personal preferences of patterned pajama
tops and bottoms. And we are talking everywhere: riding on motos, doing
exercise in the park, shopping in the market…even on dates!
5.  $3 pedicures…yep,
your feet can be beautified for a mere 3 dollars! I had mine done the
other day and the money went to charity!! FYI, my aunt would be proud
that I chose blue for my toes
6.  Street food � naturally because I am a Denman, I love fair food…and here you can have fair food any time you step out your front door. Steamed fresh corn on the cob, popcorn, fried seafood on a stick, crepe type roll ups with orange zest spread…the options are endless!
7. Iced coffee/fruit smoothies- from
50 cents to $2.00 you can get a strong iced coffee or amazing seasonal
fresh fruit smoothie to help cool off in the intense heat and
stickiness of Cambodia
 8.  Motos/ Tuk Tuks– 
This is probably my most favorite thing about Cambodia…Motos and
Tuk-tuks are the easiest way to get around town.  Riding on the back of
a moto makes you feel free as a bird, and riding in the back of a tuk-tuk definitly gives you a feeling of royalty being carted around 🙂
9.  Our Students:  They make us laugh all the time and
we have enjoyed so much getting to know each of them!  We have loved
teaching them everyday, but even more we have enjoyed hanging out with
them outside of class through parties and outings on the town.
10.  The Cox Family:  We have been living with Chris
and Victoria Cox this month.  They work for ELIC teaching English here
in Cambodia.  They were blessed with a big house with extra rooms, so
they blessed us with a nice house to live in.  They have three great
little girls we have had the privelage of playing with, which makes us
feel like big sisters and brothers 🙂
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