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Cambodia’s first car revs up production hopes

 Phnom Penh Post
Inventor Nhean Phaloek at the wheel of his Angkor 2010 convertible.
CAMBODIAN electric car inventor Nhean
Phaloek says he is in talks with two companies to establish a car
factory by the end of next year in Kandal province.

He hopes the
factory will provide hundreds of jobs and also train Cambodians in his
research and development skills, including techniques he has invented.

year he produced his third electric car prototype, the Angkor 2010, a
cheery gold-coloured micro-car designed by his daughter.

the time of its launch, he claimed the doors opened telepathically, and
that the car could reach speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour.

Phaloek, 52, now says that he is in talks with Heng Development Co Ltd
and an unnamed Hong Kong company to develop the car factory on a parcel
of land in Kandal Steung district in Kandal province.
A spokesman from Heng Development refused to comment further on specific plans, instead referring callers back to Nhean Phaloek.

said the project would likely focus on developing his technology to
open car doors with a thumbprint scan. His Angkor 2010 prototype uses a
touch screen computer system and a battery that can charge in about
three hours.

“I believe that most Cambodian people will be able
to afford these cars, since its price will be less than US$10,000.
We’ll be making many different models, ranging from two seats to 12
seats, to satisfy local consumers and foreign investors.”

car has been on show at Heng Development’s offices in Siem Reap. Nhean
Phaloek said the display had attracted about 20 to 30 orders for the
cars from international and domestic tourism companies. It’s now on
display at the company’s showroom on Monivong Boulevard in Phnom Penh.

2002, Nhean Phaloek made his first car by hand, using a Honda C100
motor, calling it the Angkor 2003. His next model the following year
could reach 120kmh and carry four people.

Five years later he came up with the Angkor 2010.

Despite no formal training, the inventor has high hopes for eventual production of his dream car.

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