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Koh Pich bridge case swept down the Tonle Sap in a hush-hush investigation cover up

Sok An and the clueless investigation commission (Photo: CEN)
Investigation results for Koh Pich bridge: a clear accident case [so claimed the government]
Source: Ki Media
29 Nov 2010
By Sopheak
Cambodia Express News
Translated from Khmer by Soch

The tragedy on Pich Bridge was not a
planned terrorist or a criminal case, and it was not the result of
electrocution either, however, it was an accident due to panic and
stampede. The deaths were due to asphyxia, dehydration and impossibility
to move muscles.
This is the result of the
investigation conducted by the commission in charge of investigating the
tragedy on Pich Bridge on 22 Nov 2010. The result was presented during a
press conference held at the Council of Ministers on Monday afternoon.
The highly anticipated investigation result has been made public, but
there is nothing new or different from what government officials have
been trumpeting all along.
Sok An, the minister of the
Council of Ministers and chairman of the commission above, indicated
that funds received from donors will be provided to the victims through
the ACLEDA bank for security reason.
Yesterday, Hun Xen announced
that there is nobody who will be blamed in this case, it is a joint
responsibility due to carelessness and underestimation of situation.
Like Hun Xen, Xok An also claimed that this is a major lesson for future
Water Festival celebrations.
The press conference indicated that the investigation on Pich Bridge is now completely closed.
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