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China donates 500,000 USD to Cambodia’s stampede victims

PHNOM PENH, Nov. 26 (Xinhua) — Chinese government on
Friday donated 500,000 U.S. dollars to Cambodia to relieve the families
of the dead and the injured in the stampede tragedy on Monday night at
the Diamond Island Bridge during the final day of the Water Festival.

Jin Yuan, commercial counsellor of Chinese Embassy to Cambodia, on
Friday informed the donation during meeting with Sok An, deputy prime
minister and minister of the council of ministers, and also chairman of
the special committee for Diamond Island Accident.

“On behalf of Cambodian government, I would like to profoundly thank
China for her attention on the stampede tragedy and donate money timely
to help the victims,” said Sok An. “Cambodia and China are fraternal and
always assist each other all the time.”

The stampede tragedy left 357 people killed and other 397 injured, he
said, adding that the dead were due to suffocation, stampede and drawn,
no any sign of terrorism.

Sok An said that main cause of the tragedy was due to the very
crowded people pushed each other back and forth, and some shouted the
bridge was collapsing, causing the stampede.

Cambodia’s Water Festival from Nov. 20 to 22 is the largest annual
festival in the Southeast Asian nation, around three million Cambodians,
especially those from rural areas converged to the city to enjoy the

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