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Cambodian PM Hun Sen says no one to be punished from stampede accident

Hun Sen, Cambodia’s Prime Minister

PHNOM PENH, Nov. 29 (Xinhua) — Cambodia’s Prime
Minister Hun Sen said Monday that no one to be punished from stampede
accident that occurred last week in the country.

Delivering speech at a newly-constructed building for Ministry of
Social Affairs, Hun Sen said “no one is deserved to be punished for this
accident,” but the whole of them.

He said the main cause of the accident was the “under- estimation and the carelessness to the situation.”

On the last day of a three-day water festival, 351 people died and
395 others injured by the stampede occurred at Diamond Island Bridge in
Phnom Penh.

Hun Sen said the water festival will be celebrated as usual in the
following years despite such accident, saying it is the national event,
while at the same time, the island known as Diamond Island will be
developed as planned without any change.

But, he said, his government will take strong measures and all necessary precautions to avoid a repetition of the accident.

He also said the government will use the island for one of the venues
for the upcoming meeting of more than 100 political parties which is
set for Dec. 1-4, 2010.

The roughly more than 100-hectares of Diamond Island is being
developed into residential and commercial area, now one of the most
attractive spot for happy goers in Phnom Penh both day and night.

Prime Minister Hun Sen said his government was trying utmost efforts
on the day of accident to help the victims on the spot and to avoid mass
chaos or panic from the public gathering in the whole city on the day.

He called this year’s gathering for the water festival was a ” sea of
people”, referring the largest ever number of people in the country’s

With 395 injured people are still in hospitals, Hun Sen expressed his
apology to the victims and the people, and urged all doctors to treat
them well and if necessary for those in critical condition, to send them
abroad, the government will hold responsible for the cost.

However, in his concluding speech, Hun Sen expressed his second time
of tear drop following the event and questioned himself why he was so
emotional with the dropping tears while he is known to have an “iron

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