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Travel alerts for the week of Nov. 28

Source; San Francisco Chronicle

1 Cambodia: The stampede in Phnom Penh
on Nov. 22 that killed at least 349 people and injured hundreds more is
a grim reminder that travelers should assess conditions before they
join the throng at crowded festivals. An estimated 2 million people had
crowded into the capital city for the three-day water festival that
marks the end of the rainy season.

2 Dominican Republic: Cholera has spread from neighboring Haiti to the Dominican Republic,
but the likelihood that the disease will affect tourists is minimal.
The disease spreads via poor sanitation, and the popular tourist areas
in the Dominican Republic, in general, have adequate health facilities.
The current outbreak has killed more than 1,100 and hospitalized 18,000
more in Haiti.

3 Germany: A security alert prompted the German
parliament to close the glass dome atop the Reichstag in Berlin. The
dome, a popular tourist attraction that offers a panoramic view of the
city, was closed indefinitely as part of tightened security at airports
and train stations because of intelligence that Islamist extremists were
planning attacks in Germany at the end of November.

4 India: As part of an anti-smoking campaign aimed
at tobacco and drug users on beaches and in restaurants and beach shacks
in Goa, police are seizing hookahs (water pipes) and fining
establishments that allow patrons to smoke. Smoking bans are not new in
the area, but they are being taken more seriously, and restaurants are
now required to post no-smoking signs and remove ashtrays from their

5 Netherlands: The Dutch government
plans to ban tourists from “coffee shops” that sell marijuana. Such
cafes are popular throughout the country but especially in Amsterdam,
where tourism officials worry that the ban will reduce the number of
visitors to the city. They estimate that one-quarter of all tourists
visit a coffee shop and 10 percent of all visitors to Amsterdam come
specifically for the cafes. The plan is to convert cannabis cafes into
closed clubs whose members must be at least 18 years old and Dutch

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