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Eyewitness Video From Koh Pich Bridge on 22 Nov 2010

The Cambodian every year celebrates the 3 days of Water Festival 20th 21st and 22nd of November in Phnom Pehn City…this year 2010, they expected hungreds of people coming or celebrating the event..alots of entertainment, live cambodian band music, a huge fireworks, boat racing in the mekong river, and alots of stuff to with great discounts..ive been celebrating the water festival for three times, this time me, myself is there walking at the diamond island through the bridge not knowing that stampede will happen..at first the flow of the crowd is well organise and so on, after that when ive reached to the center of the bridge the crowd stop flowing and then suddenly somebody shouts.maybe like ” move forward” the others “move backward” then people pushing each from my side and to the other end side of the bridge they keep pushing and pushing,some they do elbow and i was heat at that time they step on my feet..then i was thinking its gonna be a stampede..after that ive reached to the nearest metal of the bridge. when i look back its still very far and alot of people stuck and i cant move forward and backward already, so i had to climb up and jump off the bridge but not into the water that was the first stage of stampede..and after that my hands and feet are shaking and yet still taking pictures and video at that time.. thanks to the LORD JESUS CHRIST, MOTHER MARY, SNR. SAN ROQUE, SNR. SANTO NINO, AND SANTO THOMAS DE VILLANEUVA..theyve heard my prayers and lead the way to escape from the stamped.. thank you for the second chance and a second LIFE oh praise the LORD JESUS CHRIST…

Source: KI Media

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